About Modes

I started covering trucking in 2018. It’s a $800 billion industry that you probably know nothing about.

This is a shame because it is a deeply-fascinating sector. Nearly two million truck drivers work around 80 hours a week, many of whom make less than minimum wage. These men and women are the reason we are able to buy food, online shop, go to the ATM, fuel up our cars, and even have clean water. If truck drivers stopped working today, grocery stores would start to run out of food the next day.

Meanwhile, tech and retail giants haven’t slept on trucking. Walmart operates one of the largest trucking fleets in the country. Amazon is investing unknown amounts of money into upturning the industry. And Uber of gig economy fame is bringing the technology that overturned taxis into trucking.

I’m hoping that my work at Business Insider and this newsletter can teach you more about the trucking industry, and logistics at large.